Frida Kahlo A2 Oil On Canvas Print


Frida Kahlo A2 Oil On Canvas Print

Print onto Canvas

Size 40 x 60cm (400 x 600mm)


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Frida Kahlo made a dramatic entrance to her only solo show in Mexico City. The artist arrived by ambulance and had to be stretchered into the gallery. Her sick bed, which had preceded her by truck, awaited her. The tequila flowed.

The 46-year-old artist, who had less than a year to live, spent many months confined to bed by injury and illness during her short life. But her bedroom in La Casa Azul, the family home in Mexico City that she transformed into a sanctuary and menagerie, was where she blossomed as an artist.

“She made art out of her pain and her frustration,” says the author Jessie, who painted her own writer’s hut blue as a homage to the Mexican artist’s home in Coyoacán. “Being contained not just in her house but in a bed for so long meant her art was almost like a metaphysical resistance. She was going to break out of those four walls, express herself and tell her story through painting.”


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